Friday, May 18, 2012

Our IUI cycles

 Here is an overview of how are IUI cycles went. An IUI, Intrauterine insemination, is performed with a catheter that places washed sperm directly into the uterus. It cuts down on the sperm's travel time and deposits them closer to the mature egg(s). All of my IUIs were relatively painless. Some mild cramping during and for a day or so after.

IUI #1: I took 150mg/day Clomid (5 days total), 75iu Gonal F (for a total of 4 days, 300iu), and Ovidrel to trigger. At trigger I had a two 19mm follicles and one 17mm. Hubby's count was 39 million post wash. Not sure of the motility but it's always good. All of my IUIs were 36 hours after the trigger shot. Also with all of my IUIs I experienced cramping several hours before the IUI. These were presumably ovulation cramps. The clinic always assured me that the timing of the IUI were perfect. Since they don't do ultrasounds on the day of IUI I had to just believe that. I have always wondered, what if they are WRONG? After this 1st IUI I immediately went home and stayed in bed for the reminder of the day. My husband left for work out of town so we did not have intercourse until the following night. About 36 hours post IUI. That situation could not be avoided. The doctor told me to take it easy but I wanted to be extra sure. I was so convinced that we would be one and done. I thought we had made a baby with that cycle and the stress and disappointment would all be over. The following morning I always started my Crinone. I don't like Crinone but I'm saving that for another post. I continue with the Crinone until 15dpiui when I get a BFN.

IUI #2: I took 150mg/day Clomid (5 days total), 75iu Gonal F (for a total of 4 days, total 300iu), and Ovidrel to trigger. At trigger I had one 19mm follicle and one 20mm. Hubby's count was 24 million post wash. Following this IUI I went home and rested for about 5 hours and then I resumed my life. We did have intercourse that night about 9 hours post IUI. I was feeling pretty confident. I followed the same procedure with the Crinone and got a BFN, again.

IUI #3:  I took 150mg/day Clomid (5 days total), 75iu Gonal F (for a total of 5 days, total 375iu), and Ovidrel to trigger.At trigger I had one 21mm and one 19mm follicle. Hubby's count was 7 million post wash (there was a little accident with the specimen cup). We did have intercourse that evening. I wasn't feeling very confident at all. Following this IUI I rested for maybe 2 hours and then got up. This is the point that the depression of our situation really began to effect me. The roller coaster is too much to bare sometimes. 15 days later, BFN.

IUI #4:  I took 150mg/day Clomid (5 days total), 150iu Gonal F (for a total of 3 days, total 450iu), and Ovidrel to trigger. Even on double the dose of Gonal F I produced two follicles. One 21mm and 22mm at trigger. Hubby's count was 29 million post wash. I only rested for a few hours and then I went to work. I have a desk job so I don't move around too much. We were not able to have intercourse the day of IUI because of my husband's work schedule. Today I am 11dpiui and I'm pretty sure that I am not pregnant. I took an HPT this morning and it was negative. I know it's still a little early but I do know my body. I am prepared to start IVF.

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